Refund Policy

PRESENT does not offer refunds for its online products or services. Management feels that sufficient information is offered to the public on it's website for consumers to make an adequately informed buying decision. A demo and/or free of charge lectures utilizing the PRESENT Player technology is offered to all consumers, to test whether the PRESENT Player works acceptably on their computer. The PRESENT support staff will make a reasonable effort to assist all customers in working out any technical difficulties they encounter in getting the PRESENT Player to work adequately on one of their PCs. They will also make a reasonable effort to assist customers in operating the customer accessible service and account administration features of the PRESENT website. However, PRESENT acknowledges that PC configurations vary so widely that it cannot and does not guarantee that all features of PRESENT will work as intended on all PCs and for all customers equally in all circumstances. Therefore, it is our policy to advise potential customers to confirm, before placing an order for PRESENT products or services, that our demos do work adequately on their chosen PC. PRESENT reserves the right to refuse to issue refunds once an order for its products or services are placed. PRESENT will issue refunds for conference registrations on a case by case basis.

Site Credits
In no event shall any user be entitled to a refund, reimbursement, or "cash-out" for any Available Credits. Credits may be used only as credit for on-site usage on PRESENT E-learning's web site.

Content dated 04/13/06, document revised on 02/14/17